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By Chris Meenan, CIIP

I am still excited by the energy and enthusiasm at the SIIM Regional Meeting in Philadelphia last month. With both familiar and new faces, the meeting provided the opportunity to talk with a wide range of colleagues working to improve medical imaging and clinical workflow.

As part of the meeting, I moderated a panel designed to explore from various points of view the imaging informatics challenges facing our community. The panel was made up of SIIM members from diverse settings and perspectives. Their roles included those of attending physicians, CIOs, residents/fellows, and CIIP/IT specialists.

Before the meeting, each panelist was asked to submit a list of the most pressing clinical imaging challenges faced in his or her current role. At the regional meeting, panelists shared these challenges with the audience and with each other for the first time. What was most interesting to me was that the majority of challenges were quite specific to the working roles of each panelist. These challenges can be accessed at Top Clinical Imaging Challenges of Radiologists, Residents, CIOs, and CIIPs (2013).

In the second half of the regional meeting session, panelists took their individual challenges to roundtables, where attendees discussed these issues in more detail and shared strategies that could be translated to their own institutions. We will be summarizing the results of these discussions in an upcoming SIIM white paper “Strategies to Address Current Clinical Imaging Challenges.”

For me, this panel and related roundtable discussions highlighted one of the things that I enjoy most about the SIIM community (and what makes us unique as a professional society). Although its members may be collectively working in the field of medical imaging or imaging informatics, SIIM comprises members from diverse backgrounds and job roles, each focusing on different areas and facing specific challenges. By combining these viewpoints under a single organizational umbrella, SIIM has an extraordinarily complete view of medical imaging, with resources unavailable in any other single organization. Hearing these panelists share their individual challenges with vibrant roundtable discussions was exciting and highlighted how many new things are still happening in our community. I’d like to thank SIIM for hosting the regional meeting and this important session.